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HALO Breast Pap Test - Early Breast Cancer Sreening

HALO Breast Cytological Evaluation Test Overview

  • HALO is noninvasive, objective and repeatable, plus it's quick - just 5 minutes
  • HALO has been proven a safe and effective method to collect nipple aspirate fluid for analysis
  • Routine assessment with HALO will enable breast health monitoring and the ability to react to cellular changes early

The HALO® Breast Cytological Evaluation Test is FDA approved for the collection of nipple aspirate fluid for cytological evaluation. The collected fluid can be used in the determination and/or differentiation of normal versus pre-malignant versus malignant cells.

Incorporating Halo into routine practice will enable physicians and patients to monitor cellular changes within breast ducts earlier, before they develop into larger, potentially cancerous lesions.

The HALO System is a simple, reliable method for NAF collection. NAF analysis is an objective assessment of a patient's breast health and can detect early warning signs of ductal cellular changes. Regular assessment and tracking of cellular changes in the milk ducts, where most breast cancer begins, enables clinicians and patients to take control of breast health.

The HALO Breast Cytological Evaluation Test is the only fully automated, noninvasive NAF collection system specifically designed for use in a busy primary care setting.

The HALO System provides important benefits to clinicians and patients:

For clinicians:
  • Routine NAF Risk Assessment
  • Objective assessment for documentation
  • Consistent and reproducible
  • Fully automated
  • User friendly - requires no specialized training or certification
  • Performed by office staff
  • Easily transported from room to room
For patients:
  • Noninvasive
  • Simple, 5-minute procedure
  • Can be performed during annual check up
  • Well tolerated by most patients
  • Safe, with no side effects
HALO is not a diagnostic test and it cannot be used to exclude breast cancer. Patients should continue to undergo other clinical breast risk assistment procedures (mammography, clinical breast examination, self breast examination) as determined by and with their physicians.

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