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HALO Breast Cancer Test

How HALO Works

The HALO Breast Cytological EvaluationTest is the only fully automated, noninvasive NAF collection system designed for use in the primary care office. Its three main components include:

  • HALO Console
  • Patient Interface Cassette with fluid reservoir and adjustable breast cups
  • Disposable Sample Collection Cups
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The HALO Breast Cytological Evaluation Test - a simple 5-step cycle

The HALO Breast Cytological Evaluation Test allows a physician's office staff to perform noninvasive NAF collection in about five minutes. The system incorporates heat, suction and massage in a single, fully automated cycle.

Step 1: Insert Disposable Sample Collection Cups

New Disposable Sample Collection Cups are inserted into Adjustable Breast Cups for each patient.

Step 2: Preparing the Breasts

The nipples are cleansed with the alcohol swab provided.  Adjustable Breast Cups are placed on the patient’s breasts adjusted to fit.

Step 3: Suction and Heating and Compression Cycles

The HALO console initiates gentle suction (similar to that of a breast pump) on both breasts. Simultaneously with suction, warmth is applied and then a massage is initiated.

Step 4: Fluid Samples Obtained

Once the cycle is complete, Breast Cups are removed from the patient and any NAF sample is collected with a swab (included), placed into a liquid cytology vial, and sent to a cytology lab for examination.

*NOTE: Lack of NAF indicates that relative risk for breast cancer is unchanged. The presence of atypical cells increases the relative risk by a factor of 2.0 to 4.9. (Wrensch et al, JNCI, 2001)

Step 5: Removal and Disposal of Disposable Sample Collection Cups

Disposable Sample Collection Cups are removed and disposed of at the end of each HALO Breast Pap Test.

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