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Breast Cancer Signs and Symptoms

How To Detect Early Breast Cancer Signs And Symptoms

Breast cancer is among the leading killers of women all over the world. That’s why it is so important for you to follow a breast health monitoring program that uses the most effective methods for detecting early breast cancer signs and symptoms.

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For many years, there have been three traditionally accepted methods for detecting early signs and symptoms of breast cancer and non-cancerous breast problems:

  • Monthly self examinations
  • Annual exam by your doctor or nurse practitioner
  • Annual mammograms for women over 40 or 50

This multi-pronged approach is intended to detect cancer early when treatment can be most successful and survival rates can be at their highest. But wouldn't preventing breast cancer be even better than finding it early?

Unfortunately, even though women are using these three methods to detect early breast cancer signs and symptoms, overall breast cancer statistics are still alarmingly high. The HALO Breast Pap Test is helping women and their doctors shift the focus from diagnosing and treating breast cancer to risk assessment and prevention.

HALO is a simple five-minute test that can help determine your risk of breast cancer years earlier than a mammogram. Simply put, it’s the quickest, easiest way to give your doctor a heads-up, and you a head start. If you and your doctor know you’re at high risk you can take actions to reduce your risk.

The HALO Breast Pap Test identifies abnormalities at the cellular level, years earlier than a mammogram can find a lump. That’s why doctors recommend that women, ages 25 and up, be tested annually with the HALO system. HALO does not replace regular mammograms and breast exams. Click here to see how it works Click here to find a doctor in your area that offers HALO .

Potential Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Some warning signs of breast cancer include but are not limited to:  1

  • New lump in the breast or underarm (armpit)
  • Thickening or swelling of part of the breast
  • Irritation or dimpling of breast skin
  • Redness or flaky skin in the nipple area or the breast
  • Pulling in of the nipple or pain in the nipple area
  • Nipple discharge other than breast milk, including blood
  • Any change in the size or the shape of the breast
  • Pain in any area of the breast

Keep in mind that some of these warning signs can happen with other conditions that are not cancer. That’s why it’s important to consult your physician if you have any signs or changes that bother you.

Breast Cancer Prevention Plan

Beginning at age 20: Perform monthly breast self-examinations and have a clinical breast exam every three years.

Ages 25-39: Have a clinical breast exam every three years, and a HALO exam every year, depending on previous findings

By the age of 40: Have a baseline mammogram

Ages 40-49: Have a clinical breast exam every year, have a mammogram every one to two years, depending on previous findings, and have a HALO exam every year, depending on previous findings

Ages 50 and older: Have a clinical breast exam every year, have a mammogram every year and have a HALO exam every year depending on previous findings

A personal calendar: Record your self-exams, mammograms, HALO exams and doctor appointments.

Healthy lifestyle habits: Follow a low-fat diet; exercise regularly; don’t smoke and limit alcohol intake.

NeoMatrix hopes that this information about the Early Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer and the HALO Breast Pap Test has given you helpful information.

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  • 1 Osteen, R. Breast Cancer. In: Lenhard RE, Osteen RT, Gansler R, eds. Clinical Oncology. Atlanta, GA: American Cancer Society; 2001:251–268.





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