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Power of Pink

It's time to join us for the 'Power of Pink'. We at HALO would like you to join-in our pink campaign by wearing pink shoelaces. Wear them whenever possible and encourage your friends and family to wear them. Explain that you are joining the folks at HALO Healthcare to help spread the word about how HALO can help fight breast cancer BEFORE it happens!

Take your photo while wearing those pink laces, post it on your Facebook page, share it and send it to us. We want to fill our Facebook wall with pictures of you—on the trail, at the beach, with your friends, walking your dog, on the dance floor, and living life—wearing your pink laces. There's a raffle each month for those who send in their pictures.

Our own TEAM HALO will be participating in some of the breast cancer walks/runs this fall, sporting our bright pink laces and talking to everyone about the HALO Breast Test and the benefits of early breast cancer detection. Women everywhere need to know about this annual test and its benefits.

Let us know if you would like to join us!


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